By Olia Design is based in Maui, Hawaii tucked away near the towering sea cliffs that overlook the famous surf break known as Jaws.  This is the place that Olia has called, “home” for the better part of a decade. Many of her ideas and designs are drawn from the raw nature that the Hawaiian landscape bares.  When she isn’t working in her design studio, it’s difficult to find Olia at all.  Between road biking, hiking, surfing and beach gatherings, she keeps her days open for artistic ideas that strike unannounced.
Olia began designing jewelry soon after finding that her seashell and stone collections were larger than she had imagined.  After years of sun rise and sun set walks down white sandy beaches, her collection of colorful stones, intricately shaped shells, and worn sea glasses were overflowing their baskets and shelves.  Each piece was connected with a memory, or moment in time that she felt needed to be shared. In doing so, By Olia Design was born.
Olia’s designs have evolved over the years, and she is constantly challenging herself to implement different elements and combinations of material.  Her purpose and approach is to accentuate the person without over-flattering distraction.  Natural stones coupled with personal artistic touch are what make Olia’s creations unique.  Her line of masculine bracelets and necklaces include designs of black lava rock, wood, dark stone, pyrite and sometimes bone.  Gold and silver often find their way into the mix as feminine designs taper into colorful gems, coral and natural stones alike. 
By Olia designs are all 100% custom and original, leaving little room for mass commercial production.  This keeps her artistic flow of creation constantly evolving in a market where designs are often bland and common. 
Like many of the people found on Maui’s North Shore, Olia is easy going and simple to work with.  She is always prepared to create a custom design based on individual customer requests.  If you have any questions or need order information, please feel free to Contact Us.